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Logistic solutions produces solutions for the logistic world, applied to production, handling and distribution of goods and services. is born from important experiences in the logistic field of big numbers, with special care to safety, research and development of customized logistic solutions.

Manufacturers of roll containers and wire containers since 30 years , with different solutions adopted during the years in several logistic fields: food, no food and integrated, they are part of our company capital. Our steady collaboration with research institutes internationally recognized for research and development such as TUV, CATAS and with important consulting firms for company safety, allows us to develop and update ever our products in order to deliver a safe tool with a unique qualified standard to our customers.

Bartolini SpA, Norbert Dentressangle, Kuehne+Nagel, Carrefour, Auchan Group, Coin Group, Pam Group and all the major brands of distribution chains such as Conad, Sisa, Sigma, Familia, Metro are only few important companies which have chosen throughout the years Rollawaycontainer as partner for their logistic-structural needs.

We produce solutions that allow those who use them to operate with efficiency and security of a product which is tested and in line with the most strict European safety rules, UNI EN.

Safety is a main aspect for Rollawaycontainer especially today and especially in the logistic field, where containers, roll containers and all the products for storage and handling are tools that can be carried, exchanged and interacted with different structures, working figures and working environments.

We were the first to talk about quality and safety, besides 10 years of experience today we have moreover a million of products which daily represent us.


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