Adjustable wrenches with scales Beta 111

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The adjustable wrenches with graduated scale Beta 111 is the versatile and safe solution for tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts as for a fixed wrench, but in this case with a single tool you can work with different dimensions and therefore reduce the necessary tools. This type of wrench is used particularly in the plumbing sector thanks to its versatility to be able to work on multiple pipes without taking up space with other tools.

The Beta adjustable wrenches is equipped with satin chrome plating and a wide handle so that use is safe and comfortable. In addition, the whole key is processed with heat treatments that increase its resistance to wear, thus offering a product suitable for intensive and professional use.

The heads of the roller wrench are bright chromed so that it is easier to observe the reading of the scale, while the head is inclined by 22.5° so that even in the most difficult spaces it is possible to carry out the right-hand rotation necessary to screw nuts and bolts.

It is possible to hang the adjustable wrenches on the wall thanks to the photo placed on the handle. The measurement is marked in mm / inches and the characters are subjected to double laser marking. The product complies with DIN 3117 - ISO 6787.

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Adjustable wrenches with scales Beta 111

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    B001110020 200 8 28 62,0 14,0 0,32
    B001110025 250 10 34 70,0 16,0 0,514
    B001110030 300 12 35 84,0 18,0 0,80
    B001110045 380 15 45 97,0 20,0 2,043
    B001110060 450 18 54 115,0 22,5 3,294
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