Baffle big bag for pallet with discharge spout and skirt

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The baffle big bags are the solution for handling of materials on pallets made of polypropylene and fitted with closing skirt and discharge valve on the bottom for emptying the big bag. They are built with straight paneled fabric with central U-shaped band and side panels sewn together with lifting slots measuring 30 cm. Thanks to its anti-sagging structure, the big bags are always able to maintain their square or rectangular shape - depending on the model - without bulging.

The Baffle big bags' anti-sagging system consists of dividing the big bags into compartments near the internal corners in order to ensure that the product flows evenly inside the bag during filling. In this way, it is possible to position the big bag on the pallet in a precise way, without overflow.

Baffle big bags are designed for handling and storage on pallets: they allow you to optimize space in distribution cycles and to manage your pallets like any other container, with the possibility of moving them quickly and storing them in height on shelves and racks.

Baffle big bags are produced in compliance with the EN21898 / EN13427 standards and are suitable and for contact with food. Finally, they are available in the dimensions 80x115x145 cm.

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1pcs -   COP0081  - 80x115x145 lifting loops 30 cm -   €12.00  - [5/8 days]

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Big bag antispanciamento con apertura a caramella e valvola di scarico
Baffle big bag for pallet with discharge spout and skirt

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    Code COP0081
    Outside dimensions cm B1=80 B2=115 H1=145 L1=30 S1=85 O1=35 O2=50
    Top Skirt
    Bottom Discharge spout
    Safe Working Load (SWL) Kg 1500
    Safety factor 5:1
    Sewings Double loop
    Manufacture Q-bag
    Food suitability Yes
    Document holder envelope 1 x A4
    Printed logo None