Bench metal lathe Fervi 0657 with milling device with drive belt

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The Fervi 0657 bench metal lathe is a tool that allows you to perform both traditional turning operations, such as cylindrical turning, facing, drilling or boring, and milling operations. For classic turning operations, the motion of the cut is given by the motion of the workpiece rotating on its axis and by the motion of the tool advancement, while for milling operations the motion of the cutting is given by the motion of the tool (cutter) which rotates on its own axis, and the advancement motion of the workpiece which must be mounted on the special fixing device which is included in the standard equipment.

The supporting bed at the base of the Fervi lathe is made of cast iron. To prevent twisting and deformation caused by the internal tensions of the material, the casting has been stabilized. In its upper part there are prismatic guides that ensure the movement and alignment of the driving head and the tailstock. The guide rails are hardened and ground, there are also reinforcement ribs which increase their rigidity.

The spindle installed on the shaft head of the bench metal lathe is of the self-centering type, equipped with three jaws that allow the workpiece to be locked in a stable and safe way. The different spindle speeds can be obtained through a speed change with transmission belts. It is also possible to set the direction of rotation of the spindle using a selector on the control panel.

Screens and carters are included in the standard supply of the bench metal lathe which have the task of protecting the operator by preventing coolant, shavings, splinters, fragments from hitting the operator. Finally, it is important to consider that it is a service machine and not a production machine and therefore it cannot be used for long continuous periods.

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Armadietto spogliatoio in metallo 1 anta con serratura 1 posto
Bench metal lathe Fervi 0657 with milling device with drive belt

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    Review for Bench metal lathe Fervi 0657 with milling device with drive belt

    Code R0657
    Point height mm 125
    Max diameter on the bench mm 250
    Max diameter on the wagon mm 150
    Distance between the tips mm 550
    Bar passage mm 20
    Bar passage taper CM 3
    Taper tailstock CM 2
    Spindle speed (6) 125 ÷ 2000 rpm
    Longitudinal movements 0,1 - 0,2 mm / rev
    Metric threads 0,4 ÷ 3,5 mm
    Inch threads 18 ÷ 44 TPI
    Motor 230 V 50 Hz 0,55 kW
    Dimensions mm 1120x480x460
    Weight kg 145
    Standard Self-centering chuck 3 + 3 Ø 125 mm, fixed tailstock CM 2, fixed tailstock CM 3, lead screw protection, turret protection, spindle protection, rear splash guard, fixed turret for 12 mm tools, quick-locking tailstock carriage
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