Beta tools in hard thermoformed tray T199 with 7 tools

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The thermoforming containing an assortment of Beta tools is a key part of the company's tool supply. In fact, it allows you to store and neatly arrange the tools necessary to carry out the most frequent work activities. Keeping tools tidy and therefore working in an organized environment has positive repercussions on the productivity level of company activities.

The Beta Thermoformer includes an assortment of 7 different sized flat blade screwdrivers. This model of screwdriver has the blade made with a special steel with a high content of silicon, chromium and vanadium which allows to guarantee higher performances in terms of resistance to torsion and bending.

The geometry of the tip of the 7 screwdrivers included in the supply of Beta tools is designed to ensure a perfect coupling between the blade and the head of the screw. The phosphated finish avoids oxidation and preserves the precision of the profiles.

The handle of the Beta tools is made in such a way as to allow an effective grip on the screwdriver in all working conditions, thus improving precision and control when centering the tip on the screw. The ABS tray is compatible with Beta workshop furniture drawers. Finally, the thermoformed can also be purchased empty without tools.

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Utensili Beta in termoformato rigido T199 assortimento di 7 utensili
Beta tools in hard thermoformed tray T199 with 7 tools

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    Code thermoformed without tools B024000741
    Weight kg 0,32
    Code thermoformed with tools B024240199
    Screwdrivers for slotted head screws (7 pieces) 2,5x50 – 3x75 – 3,5x100 – 4x125 – 5,5x100 – 5,5x150 - 6,5x150 mm
    Weight kg 0,60
    Common features to all codes
    Thermoformed Hard
    Thermoformed dimensions WxD mm 147x367