Beta tools in hard thermoformed tray T45 with 12 tools

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Beta tools in rigid thermoformed are the ideal solution to be able to organize spaces and workstations in a functional way. Thanks to the rigid thermoformed tray in ABS, the tools contained have a defined and precise location. In this way it is always possible to quickly know the availability of the desired tool. This makes it possible to significantly streamline work operations, as the time spent searching for the necessary tools is reduced.

The Beta tools that are supplied with the rigid thermoformed are 12 ratchet combination wrenches. The ratchet wrench is ideal for fast and precise tightening. Equipped with a ratchet mechanism with 72 teeth, it allows you to unscrew and screw in an easy and fast way. Thanks to the reversibility lever it is possible to act in both directions easily.

The ratchet wrenches contained in the Beta thermoformed tray have a 15 ° bent polygon that allows for an optimal grip even when space for maneuver is limited. In the same way, the fixed mouth head is inclined by 15 ° degrees with respect to the axis to reduce the shooting angle.

Beta tools are made using high-performance alloy steel that guarantee greater mechanical resistance to twisting and allow the tools to last over time. Finally, the empty thermoformed without tools is also available.

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Utensili Beta in termoformato rigido T45 assortimento di 12 utensili
Beta tools in hard thermoformed tray T45 with 12 tools

In stock

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    Code thermoformed without tools B024000498
    Weight kg 0,31
    Code thermoformed with tools B024240045
    Combination wrenches (12 pieces) 8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19 mm
    Weight kg 1,6
    Common features to all codes
    Thermoformed Hard
    Thermoformed dimensions WxD mm 147x367