Beta tools in soft thermoformed tray M100 with 98 tools

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Beta tools M100 arranged in soft thermoformed are a solution designed to provide and keep tools in order within the work area. The order of the tools is essential for the productivity and safety of company activities. This assortment of tools is designed to adapt to different needs and thanks to the quality of the materials used to last over the years.

Included with the Beta thermoformer are 98 tools. These include 3 bit holder sockets, different types of socket wrenches (hexagonal, long hand, hexagonal male, screwdriver for slotted screws, screwdriver for Phillips head screws, male screwdriver for Torx screws). Also included are 5 different types of prolonghe, 2 joints, 1 male square, 1 sliding square and 2 reversible ratchets.

Among the Beta tools supplied there are also 1 fitting with square drive, 1 male square with sliding pin, socket wrenches for screws with Torx profile heads and long hand sockets with hexagonal mouth.

All Beta tools supplied are arranged in an orderly manner, each single tool has a place assigned to ensure that no loss occurs. The entire assortment also has a weight of 6.7 kg and is ideal to be placed inside a drawer. The thermoformed tray is also available empty without tools.

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Utensili Beta in termoformato morbido M100 assortimento di 98 utensili
Beta tools in soft thermoformed tray M100 with 98 tools

In stock

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    Brand: Beta
    Code thermoformed without tools B024510100
    Weight kg 0,69
    Code thermoformed with tools B024500100
    Weight kg 7,67
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    Common features to all codes
    Thermoformed Soft
    Thermoformed dimensions WxD mm 588x367