Conical boat skip capacity up to 4000 kg

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The conical boat skip is the right compromise between capacity and size, perfect for handling various materials, even heavy ones, without taking up too much space and remaining agile when loading and unloading. For this reason, it is also perfect for construction sites with limited space or where a relatively light bucket is needed (maximum weight is 335 kg) that can be manoeuvred quickly.

The conical boat skip is watertight and can therefore also be used for transporting liquids: in any case, there will be no need to detach it from the lift for filling and emptying as the tipping system works effectively anyway.

The conical boat skip is supplied complete with a certificate of conformity, a label containing the most important information and characteristics of the skip, and a user and maintenance manual to enable correct use of the product and thus limit the risk of damage and injury.

Finally, the construction quality of the conical boat skip can also be seen in its resistance to impact and abrasion, and the reason for this quality is its conformity to UNI EN ISO 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686,UNI EN 10027 and UNI EN 10204 standards.

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Cassetta in plastica 600 x 400 H 430 mm
Conical boat skip capacity up to 4000 kg

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    Review for Conical boat skip capacity up to 4000 kg

    Code Capacity kg Capacity lt A mm B mm C mm D mm Weight kg
    BBTB09 200 100 892 567 444 582 31
    BBTB15 300 150 991 635 506 655 35
    BBTB25 500 250 1227 758 606 784 70
    BBTB50 1000 500 1612 963 823 1010 105
    BBTB75 1500 750 1803 1075 879 1124 140
    BBTB99 2000 1000 1933 1163 1048 1300 190
    BBTB150 3000 1500 1916 1264 1208 1464 335
    BBTB200 4000 2000 2026 1374 1325 1584 445
    Standard Painted steel bucket with crane arch. Supplied complete with certificate of conformity, metal information label and use and maintenance manual.


    Dimensions conical boat skip capacity up to 4000 kg