Display stand foldable with side reinforcements

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The display stand foldable is the solution with lateral reinforcements for displaying various types of goods in shops, bazaars, markets and supermarkets. Its use lends itself perfectly to all places where you need to display an array of products. Made of steel wire, the item adapts to every need, making it an indispensable element in the furnishing of shops where it will make it possible for you to display clothes, books and various types of goods.

Simplicity and functionality are guaranteed. The foldable display stand lends itself perfectly to furnishing supermarkets, clothing stores or perfumeries, it is ideal to enhance products on sale in the center of the aisle or in front of the cash desk. In addition, its small dimensions make it excellent to be placed at the entrance of shops and its reinforced structure (with 4 tubes of 35x35 size, 1.5 mm thick) makes it suitable for heavy goods.

Made of steel wire, the foldable display stand is perfect for displaying clothes but also books, stationery items and much more. Moreover, easy to disassemble and reassemble when needed, it takes up very little space when not in use, which makes it a unique space-saving solution.

To meet ever-changing needs, the foldable display stand is available in models of different sizes and capacities. Finally, the height-adjustable bottom allows you to customize the basket according to the type and volume of the products to be displayed.

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4pcs -   CEA0011  - 800 x 800 H 800 mm -   €144.90  - [20/30 days]

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Display stand foldable with side reinforcements

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