Drum spill plastic deck

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The drum spill plastic deck 80x120 cm is the professional solution for safely transporting leaking goods. The structure composed of 56 cavities reduces the wave effect, preventing liquid from splashing onto truck beds and warehouse floors during handling. It is the ideal product in the chemical, electronics, fish industry, recycling and water treatment sectors thanks to its 35 litre containment volume.

Constructed from high-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the drum spill plastic deck features a smooth surface without sharp edges that allows for easy cleaning and sanitisation. In addition, the pallet is a space-saving solution thanks to its 44% insertion for economical empty returns.

As an additional safety feature, the drum spill plastic deck has 10 mm high perimeter edges that support the crates and loaded goods, limiting the risk of them falling and spilling liquids.

The blue drum spill plastic deck has dimensions 1200x800x225 mm, weighs 16 kg and can support a maximum load of 700 kg. Finally, the bottom structure characterised by support feet allows the pallet to be raised off the ground, making it movable with a pallet truck or forklift.

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15pcs -   BAP0301PAR90604BL  - 1200X800 mm H225 35l blue   €177.00  - [30/40 days]

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Pallet di contenimento in plastica
Drum spill plastic deck

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    Code BAP034300N0006
    Dimensions mm 1200x800x225
    Load capacity kg 700
    Capacity liter 35
    Tare kg 16
    Material HDPE
    Colour Blue