Dust collector Fervi 0507

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The Fervi 0507 dust collector is the ideal ally for small artisan woodworking or carpentry workshops, but also for home hobby thanks to its small size. The machine is however able to suck shavings and sawdust from two machines while remaining effective and practical while being compact. However, it is important to point out that it is a service machine and therefore produced for short-term jobs, or in any case with various intervals with shutdown between one use and another.

The magnetic switch the dust collector is supplied with has two buttons, one for switching on and the other for switching off the machine: in this way safety is guaranteed as it can only be switched on voluntarily. Furthermore, above the buttons there is a cap which must remain closed so that it can act as an emergency stop button in case of need.

For cleaning the dust collector it is essential that all machinery is turned off. At this point, just release the strap that secures the bag, remove it from the machine and empty it and then follow the reverse process to reattach it to the vacuum cleaner.

The dust collector is supplied with an identification plate and information pictograms, as well as: electric motor vacuum cleaner, lateral supports, chip containment bag, filter bag, support base, end manifold hose splitter, flexible hose and central sleeper.

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Dust collector Fervi 0507

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    Code R0507
    Suction diameter mm 100
    Air capacity 900 m3 / h
    Filtering capacity 5 micron
    Fabric filter mm Ø 320 mm
    Motor speed 2840 rpm
    Depression 0.70 kPa
    Single-phase motor 230 V 50 Hz 0.55 kW
    Dimensions mm 500 x 600 H 1700
    Weight kg 20