Elastic rubber swivel castor with brake

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The elastic rubber swivel castor is the silent solution with brakes to prevent unintended movement of roll containers and industrial trucks. The material it is made of makes the castor wheels the ideal product for moving trolleys in environments where silence is required, such as hospitals and accommodation facilities. Elastic rubber provides suppleness and smoothness and makes the wheels also suitable for delicate surfaces. In addition, thanks to the hub guard or thread guard, the wheels are perfect for textile departments and laundries: this special design prevents threads from tangling around the hub, blocking or slowing down the wheels.

The elastic rubber swivel castor is equipped with a parking brake that is activated with a slight pressure of the foot and prevents unintentional movement of the trolley during loading and unloading of goods. The core is moulded in nylon, the wheels are resistant to temperatures of -30°C +70°C and are made of high-grade rubber compound.

The elastic rubber swivel castor comes complete with a 4-hole galvanised steel support for even load distribution and is available in two versions with different sizes and load capacities to meet all requirements. The 100 mm diameter wheels have a maximum load capacity of 130 kg while the 125 mm diameter wheels support up to 150 kg.

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Elastic rubber swivel castor with brake
Elastic rubber swivel castor with brake

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    Code   RLA0003 RLA0503
    Diameter mm 100 125
    Axle hole mm 12 12
    Width of tread mm 35 35
    Hub mm 40 44
    Height mm 130 153
    Plate mm 85x103 85x103
    Plate hole spacing mm 60x80 60x80
    Plate hole diameter mm 9 9
    Weight kg -- --
    Load capacity kg 130 150
    Max-min temperature °C +70-30 +70-30