Electric pallet stacker inox 1200 kg ES-12 1150 x 560 mm

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The electric pallet stacker inox ES-12 is the stable, hygienic and compact solution for warehousing and loading / unloading of goods in warehouses in sectors such as agri-food, pharmaceutical or chemical sectors where cleaning is a fundamental point. In fact, the trolley is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, even in the mechanical parts, thus making it scratch-resistant and preventing the adhesion of dirt and the spread of germs and bacteria. This is also thanks to the possibility of sanitizing the trolley with frequent high pressure washing.

To meet different industry requirements, the electric pallet stacker is available in versions with simplex mast and 1650 mm lifting height or duplex mast and 2900 mm lifting height. In addition, each model can be supplied with a sandblasted finish for the food or pharmaceutical sectors. The standard delivery also includes glass bead treatment at 70-110 microns. In addition, for the pharmaceutical sector, it is possible to select the satin finish treatment, i.e. polished, which also allows it to be used in cleanrooms.

The 2kW three-phase AC sensorless motor on the electric pallet stacker is low energy consumption and is used for lifting operations. The traction battery with gas recirculation 24V 180Ah is placed in an airtight compartment. The gas recirculation system is essential in the overheating phases to prevent them from remaining inside, causing the risk of explosion.

The automatic topping up of the battery takes place via a female quick coupling (supplied) connected to a non-toxic tube that takes distilled water from the tank (supplied), filled when necessary, and dispensed through a special tap. In addition, the standard equipment of the electric pallet stacker includes an external battery charger to be connected via an electric cable with a panel socket and Schuko.

The electric pallet stacker complies with the food industry standards EN 1672-1 and EN 1672-2, and the pharmaceutical and cleanroom EN 14644-1: 2006 and EN 14644-2: 2006 standards, as well as being CE certified by the 2006 Machinery Standard. / 42 / EC. Finally, it is produced in Italy by Italian Forklift Truck with the Easyinox brand.

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Carrello elevatore elettrico inox kg 1200 ES-12S 1150 x 560 mm
Electric pallet stacker inox 1200 kg ES-12 1150 x 560 mm

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    Review for Electric pallet stacker inox 1200 kg ES-12 1150 x 560 mm

    Code CEI3001 CEI3002 CEI3003 CEI3004
    Stainless steel inox sandblasted finish  food sector pharmaceutical sector food sector pharmaceutical sector
    Mast simplex simplex duplex duplex
    Lift height 1650 1650 2900 2900
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions mm 845x1930 H 2005
    Forks dimensions mm 1150x560
    Driving wheel Non-slip and non-marking polyurethane (75 Shore)
    Front single loading rollers Nylon-polyurethane
    Propulsion Electric
    Lift Electric
    Capacity kg 1200
    Weight kg 830
    Materiale AISI 304 stainless steel
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