Electric sack truck capacity 160 kg Donkey Move

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The electric sack truck is a solution designed and manufactured to facilitate the handling of flat loads. It is in fact an electric tool that allows heavy loads to be transported in an agile manner. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to minimise the effort required to handle loads. It is therefore the ideal product for use in warehouses, logistics departments and for all operations that require operators to move heavy loads repeatedly.

The use of the electric electric sack truck by operators is practical and light. In fact, it is an extremely manoeuvrable and easy tool. There is a choice of two travel modes and three different speeds. In addition, the design includes two motorised wheels, ideal for flat transport.

It is possible to choose between different types of folding platform for the electric sack truck that differ in size and type, which can be tubular or sheet metal. An elevating platform model is also available. Various accessories can be ordered, such as a folding trolley for rear load support, an anchor belt for safety during transport, an additional battery and a car charger.

The electric sack truck has a load capacity of 160 kg, weighs 26 kg and its dimensions are 1330x450x300 cm. The 24 V 13 AH lithium battery weighs 2 kg and has an autonomy of 8 hours.

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Electric sack truck capacity 160 kg Donkey Move

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    Code CAS2101
    Dimensions mm 1330x450x300
    Capacity kg 160
    Weight kg 26
    Battery life 8 hours
    Battery weight kg 2
    Accessories available Foldable XL and / or sheet metal platform,elevating platform (max height 60 cm - capacity 130 kg); foldable rear trolley, load anchor belt, car charger