Eurobox 400 x 300 H 320 mm

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The eurobox is the solution measuring 400 x 300 H 320 mm made of top-notch virgin dark gray polypropylene. Also known as "Euro-compliant" boxes because of their standard sizes,which make them compatible with most palletizing systems, these boxes can be moved around manually, but they can also be used in automated handling and storage systems. Moreover, thanks to the lateral reinforcements on the walls they can carry heavy loads and due to being molded with an interlocking base profile, they can be safely overlapped.

The quality of the raw material allows to obtain a sturdy and resistant eurobox, ideal for intensive professional use in all companies in the industrial sector. Furthermore, its structure is resistant to high and low temperatures.

Conceived and designed to meet the needs of companies working in the industrial sector, the euroboxes are widely used in automated handling systems, production processes and assembly lines.

Each eurobox has a capacity of 29 liters and, to meet ever-changing needs, this item is available with a label holder, with or without lid as accessories and, upon request, with a different color from the standard one, should you need to distinguish it in production and distribution processes.

Eurobox configuration

Eurobox configuration

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1pcs -   FAT4332A005101  - grey | A -   €15.89  - [10/15 workdays]

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Eurobox 400 x 300 H 320 mm
Eurobox 400 x 300 H 320 mm

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    Review for Eurobox 400 x 300 H 320 mm

    Gray code FAT4332A005101
    Material Polypropylene for food use
    External dimensions mm 400x300 H 320
    Internal dimensions mm 358x256 H 316
    Handles  Closed handles
    Bottom Smooth
    Capacity liters 29
    Capacity kg 12
    Capacity when stacked kg 600
    Weight grams 1643
    Resistant to temperatures -20°C/+80°C