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The eutectic plates are the accessories for isothermal food containers that are indispensable for maintaining the internal temperatures of fresh and frozen food. Measuring 175x90x30 mm, i.e. GN size 1/9, eutectic plates are the essential products for maintaining a low temperature inside isothermal containers used for transporting foodstuffs lasting more than 2 hours.

Manufactured from polyethylene that is resistant to low temperatures, thermal shock and impact, these eutectic plates feature a smooth surface that allows for easy sanitisation. In addition, they weigh only 450 grams and are available with a cooling temperature of -18°C.

Isothermal containers are essential for the safe and regulation-compliant transport of fresh and frozen food, but the eutectic plates inserted directly into thermal food containers, or into cooling lids, help to increase their temperature-holding performance during longer transports.

To find out the temperature retention times of isothermal containers without the use of eutectic plates, you can consult the graphs below. In this way it is possible to assess, based on the temperature dispersion curve and the duration of the transports to be carried out, if you need to add eutectic plates to your container or if it will not be necessary to do so. 

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Contenitore isotermico polipropilene espanso Gastronorm GN
Eutectic plate GN

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    Code IST4000185088
    Ext. dimensions mm 175X90X30
    Weight grams 450