Floor drill press Fervi T032 with drive belt

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The floor drill press Fervi T032 is the solution that allows you to perform some simple mechanical operations such as drilling, threading, reaming and counterbore. It is a machine designed to carry out these processes on different materials, by simply varying the tool according to both the operations that need to be performed and the material of which the piece to be machined is made. Thanks to the belt transmission system for the variation of the spindle speed, it is possible to reach different levels of rotation speed.

To change the spindle rotation speed of the Fervi floor drill press, it is necessary to change the position of the belts located inside the pulley compartment. The plates indicating the spindle speeds corresponding to the possible configurations of the speed change are applied to the pulley compartment casing.

The vertical movement of the spindle of the professional drill press takes place manually through the handwheel positioned on the right side of the head. Furthermore, the worktable is height-adjustable, and the top can be rotated from 0° to 360°. In this way it will be possible to facilitate any type of processing.

It is possible to purchase two different models of the Fervi floor drill press. In addition to the basic version, a model is also available that allows a range of three automatic feeds and is equipped with a cooling system.

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Armadietto spogliatoio in metallo 1 anta con serratura 1 posto
Floor drill press Fervi T032 with drive belt

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    Review for Floor drill press Fervi T032 with drive belt

    Code RT032 RT032DA
    Vertical spindle speeds (9) 160 ÷ 1880 rpm (8) 160 ÷ 2200 rpm
    Column mm Ø 102 Ø 115
    Feed range - 0,1- 0,16- 0,26 mm/giro
    Distance between spindle axis and column mm 230 223
    Distance between spindle nose and table mm 700 696
    Distance between spindle nose and base mm 1175 1135
    Table dimensions mm 330x380 400x470
    Table travel mm 670 510
    Dimensions of the base mm 300x325 400x310
    Motor 400V 50Hz 1,5 kW 400 V 50 Hz 0,85 kW / 1,1 kW
    Cooling pump - 400 V 50 Hz 40 W
    Dimensions mm 900x430x1760 900x545x1765
    Weight kg 280 340
    Common features to all codes
    Max drilling capacity on cast iron with pre-drilling holes mm Ø 31,75 
    Max drilling capacity on steel with pre-drilling (s235jr) mm Ø 31,75
    Continuous drilling capacity mm Ø 25
    Spindle taper CM 3
    Chuck 1 ÷ 16 B18
    Spindle travel mm 130
    Slot mm 14
    Standard Drill chuck with key 1 - 16 B18, drill chuck shank CM 3, reduction sleeve CM 3/2
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