Floor geared drill press Fervi T145

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The floor geared drill press Fervi is the ideal machine tool to use when you need to carry out simple mechanical operations such as drilling, threading, reaming and counterboring. This type of machine is designed to carry out these processes on different types of material by simply changing the tool in order to adapt it to the material and the process to be performed. Thanks to the cooling system included in the equipment, it is possible to keep the temperatures of the machined surfaces and that of the tools under control, thus avoiding overheating and guaranteeing a better final finish.

This Fervi floor geared drill press model is equipped with a gear spindle rotation speed transmission system. To select the target speed it is first necessary to select the desired motor speed and then it will be possible to select the target speed by using the appropriate levers. The rapid advancement of the spindle for drilling is possible thanks to the appropriate handwheel. Near this handwheel there is also the lever that allows the activation of the automatic descent.

The work table included in the structure of the professional floor geared drill press can be rotated horizontally in order to facilitate the success of the work to be carried out. It is also possible to adjust the height of the table according to the type of processing to be performed and according to the size of the piece to be processed.

To protect the operator when using the Fervi floor geared drill press, the chuck is shielded by a plexiglass guard. This guard is equipped with a micro-switch which cuts off the power supply to the machine when it is not in the protective position.

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Armadietto spogliatoio in metallo 1 anta con serratura 1 posto
Floor geared drill press Fervi T145

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Special price: €5,139.69


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    Review for Floor geared drill press Fervi T145

    Code RT145
    Max drilling capacity on cast iron with pre-drilling holes mm Ø 45
    Max drilling capacity on steel with pre-drilling (s235jr) mm Ø 40
    Continuous drilling capacity mm Ø 35
    Spindle taper CM 4
    Chuck 1 ÷ 13 mm B16
    Vertical spindle speeds (18) 50 ÷ 1450 rpm
    Spindle travel mm 180
    Spindle rotation right-left
    Quill mm Ø 75
    Column mm Ø 150
    Feed range (2) 0,1 - 0,20 mm/g
    Distance between spindle axis and column mm 350
    Distance between spindle nose and table mm 780
    Distance between spindle nose and base mm 1320
    Table dimensions mm 560x560
    Slot mm 18 mm
    Tilting of the table ±90°
    Dimensions of the base mm 500x730
    Motor 400 V 50 Hz 1,2 / 2,2 kW
    Cooling pump 400 V 50 Hz 40 W
    Dimensions mm 935x530x2280
    Weight kg 550
    Standard Key type drill chuck 1 - 13 mm B16, drill chuck arbor CM 4 B16, reduction sleeve CM 4/3, reduction sleeve CM 3/2
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