Forklift lifting hook capacity up to 4000 kg

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The forklift lifting hook is the solution that allows you to transform your forklift truck into a practical lifting tool in a matter of seconds. The hook is in fact compatible with forklift forks and, once forked, allows you to lift and transport loads comfortably and safely by moving them from one workstation to another. The attentive, high-quality manufacturing makes it a product suitable for even intensive professional use.

Consisting of a sturdy steel frame painted red, the lifting hook is equipped with two screws for clamping to the forks and a swivelling lifting hook with safety catch. This increases the level of safety by preventing the forks from slipping off and causing the lifted load to fall.

The forklift lifting hook enables safe lifting of loads weighing up to 2000 or 4000 kg, depending on the model you select. Before purchasing, it is therefore essential to ensure that your forklift is certified to lift such a load, considering installing this hook approximately halfway along the length of the forks.

Finally, while the 2000 kg model has fork pockets with dimensions 190x60 mm, the 4000 kg model has fork pockets with dimensions 220x80 mm.

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Forklift lifting hook capacity up to 4000 kg

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    Review for Forklift lifting hook capacity up to 4000 kg

    Brand: Butti
    Code SOSR002 SOSR003
    LxPxH mm 630x250x250 1025x320x400
    Capacity kg 2000 4000
    Common features to all codes
    Material Painted steel
    Color Red
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