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The front wall or fourth wall for standard roll containers is the ideal accessory for closing the roll at the front and increasing its safety. It can be opened in half, is made of galvanised steel and it consists of a tubular frame and a 6-mm-diameter drawn mesh, with a universal coupling system that can be repaired and replaced over time, as it is not welded but assembled. In addition, the coupling system guarantees a unique and safe closure as it does not have any protruding brackets that could be very dangerous during handling and storage operations inside vehicles.

The special grips mounted on the 4 hooks on the front wall have easy opening and closing for simple handling and operational convenience. In addition, the containment is reinforced thanks to the two brackets that attach directly to the base of the roll container on which the wall is placed.

The standard roll container on which the front wall can be mounted is considered the universal roll container: it is a versatile product used as a solution to storage, handling and transport problems. Its state-of-the-art technicity makes it ideal in any working environment, from industrial laundries to hospitals, public authorities and in the logistics sector in general.

The front or 4th wall is an essential accessory to guarantee an additional level of safety by reducing the risk of goods falling when being stored or transported inside the roll container. In addition, thanks to the self-clinching system, it can also be fitted after the purchase of the roll container itself, as it does not require any provision for assembly.

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1pcs -   QUA0011  - H 1640X643 zinc-plated steel ½ folding   €65.20  - [5/8 days]

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Front wall for roll container

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