Hand pallet truck inox kg 2500 Pramac GS MR Hydro 1150 x 525 mm

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The hand pallet truck stainless steel with 1150 x 525 mm forks is the solution designed for intensive and professional use in humid or corrosive environments. Made in Italy by Pramac, a manufacturer recognized worldwide for the reliability and quality of its products, it is available in the 2-roller version suitable for the intensive movement of pallets and containers, or in the 4-roller version that allows more comfortable access and a safe lifting even from the short side of the pallets.

The Pramac stainless steel hand pallet truck is produced in AISI 304 stainless steel sheet to guarantee excellent resistance to any principle of corrosion. The sheet metal parts are electro-polished to give an aesthetic suitable for the environments in which it is used and to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing operations. The hydraulic pump is made of brass, like the other castings, in order to offer maximum resistance to humidity and oxidation.

The GS MR Hydro model is the hand pallet truck suitable for working in humid environments and where high hygiene standards are required, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The stainless steel pallet truck is easy to use: the ergonomic handle makes maneuvers simple and allows a comfortable and safe operation, the lifting, lowering and neutral operations are facilitated by the lifting pump equipped with a lever integrated on the guide rudder for a complete control by the operator's hand.

In the standard version, the hand pallet truck is supplied with 200 mm diameter nylon front wheels and 82 mm diameter nylon rollers, directional handle with a single lowering, lifting and neutral selection lever that allows easy and quick control of load control operations. and unloading allowing to speed up the work.

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Transpallet manuale inox kg 2500 Pramac GS MR Hydro 1150 x 525 mm
Hand pallet truck inox kg 2500 Pramac GS MR Hydro 1150 x 525 mm

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    Brand: Pramac
    2 rollers code CTI1001
    Rear wheels 82x82 mm nylon
    Weight kg 67
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    4 rollers code CTI1002
    Rear wheels 82x60 mm nylon
    Weight kg 69
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    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxWxH mm 1150x525x1160
    Fork dimensions LxW mm 1150x525
    Lift height mm 115
    Front wheels 200x50 mm nylon-polyurethane
    Capacity kg 2200
    Propulsion Manual
    Lift Manual