Hypacages mm 860 x 580 height 680

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The hypacages 860x580 mm are the ideal collapsible and stackable solution for display and storage. The electro-welded and galvanised metal structure makes it a strong but lightweight product, excellent for professional use in the organised distribution sector, sales outlets or industry in general. Furthermore, thanks to its reduced volume, it leaves maximum space for the contents when open and, when folded, takes up minimum space during storage.

Equipped with an 860 mm side opening, the hypacages are a convenient solution for accessing the inner contents quickly and easily and, being stackable, are a space-saving solution. The structure makes the container functional, easy to clean, durable and the mesh allows the contents to be seen, making the product ideal in exhibition spaces.

The absence of sheet metal walls makes the mesh container the right product to optimise the time it takes to find the goods stored inside. In fact, the mesh structure allows the inner contents to be viewed and recognised immediately.

The collapsible hypacages measure 860 x 580 x 680 mm when open, but the height is reduced to 240 mm when folded. Finally, they are stackable up to 2 levels on 1 and can be fitted with castors (polypropylene d. 100 or 125 mm or polyurethane nylon d. 125 mm). By choosing wheels, the capacity of the containers varies and becomes 400 kg (if polypropylene wheels are fitted) and 720 kg (with polyurethane nylon wheels). The containers with wheels remain superimposable, but the capacity of the superimposed column corresponds to that of the wheels of the container which touches the support surface which must be smooth, uniform and without inclinations.

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Contenitore in rete mm 860 x 580 altezza 680
Hypacages mm 860 x 580 height 680

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    Review for Hypacages mm 860 x 580 height 680

    Code COA0002
    Opening on side 860
    Ext. dimensions LxWxH mm 860x580x680
    Ext. dimensions with d.100 wheels LxWxH mm 860x580x693
    Ext. dimensions with d.125 wheels LxWxH mm 860x580x720
    Int. dimensions LxWxH mm 790x520x510
    Folded dimensions LxWxH mm 860x580x240
    Weight kg 18
    Bottom capacity kg 465
    Walls capacity kg 970
    Capacity with pp wheels kg 400
    Capacity with ny-pol. wheels kg 720
    Mesh size mm 50x110
    Stackability 2 on 1
    Surface treatment Electrogalvanized