IBC storage cabinet in galvanized steel 1405 x 1810 x 2625 mm with spill pallet

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The IBC storage cabinet in galvanized steel is the customizable solution with a spill pallet for storing a 1000 lt IBC tank indoors and outdoors. The closed structure, in fact, protects the tank from rain, sun and other atmospheric agents, guaranteeing a safe storage even if it is placed outdoors. Furthermore, the key lock protects the contents of the cabinet from unauthorized personnel and its manufacturing according to UNI EN ISO 3834-3 standards makes it a safe and reliable product.

The structure of the cabinet consists of a box and a spill pallet. The latter is fundamental when storing hazardous liquid: collecting any accidental spills prevents them from dispersing into the environment and putting the workers' health at risk. Furthermore, additional safety is guaranteed by the walls of the IBC storage cabinet which prevent splashes from leaving the perimeter of the cabinet.

The spill pallet is complete with a label with the technical data and safety advice. Furthermore, to meet ever-changing needs, you can choose the model you prefer from three different models: painted tank and galvanized box, both galvanized or both galvanized and painted. All models can be moved unloaded thanks to the 4 support feet with forklift pockets compatible with pallet trucks and forklifts. In addition, the high-capacity removable galvanised grating on the tank is divided into self-contained segments to simplify inspection and cleaning operations even without removing the pallet from the storage facility.

For the storage of flammable material, it is possible to equip the storage cabinet with ventilation grids (optional). Finally, it is possible to add an inclined support (not included in the standard configuration) to simplify transfer operations and, upon request, it is possible to choose the internal polypropylene tank in order to store corrosive substances.


Customize IBC storage cabinet in galvanized steel 1405 x 1810 x 2625 mm with spill pallet

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IBC storage cabinet in galvanized steel 1405 x 1810 x 2625 mm with spill pallet

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    Review for IBC storage cabinet in galvanized steel 1405 x 1810 x 2625 mm with spill pallet

    Material VAMV020 Painted spill pallet and galvanized cabinet
    Material VAAV020 Galvanized spill pallet and cabinet
    Material VACV020 Galvanized and painted spill pallet and cabinet
    Common features to all codes
    Ext. dimensions mm 1405x1810x2625
    Net door opening WxH mm 1340x1900
    Working depth 1650
    Load capacity L 1000
    IBC capacity 1 x 1000 L
    Provided Assembled
    Standard: steel storage, collection tank with removable galvanized grid, 4 support feet, key lock, roof in corrugated galvanized sheet, technical data plate, safety labeling
    Accessories: ventilation grilles for flammable materialst, inclined support for IBC