Impact wrench Beta 1927XM compact reversible

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The Beta 1927XM impact wrench is a solution, designed for professional use, which is capable of offering high performance despite its two compact dimensions. Thanks to its pistol shape equipped with a handy handle, it is practical and easy to handle even with one hand. The start button is positioned on the handle and allows you to operate and turn off the tool using only one finger. Despite its small size it is an extremely powerful 770 Nm impact wrench, equipped with a single hammer impulse mechanism.

Thanks to its compact size and the button that can be operated with one hand, the impact wrench is the ideal solution for use by mechanics. It allows you to choose between 3 different levels of screwing power. This allows to obtain an optimal regulation according to the application needs. The air is discharged through a channel located in the handle.

The Beta screwdriver has an air connection of approximately 10 millimeters and 1/4 "GAS. Average air consumption is estimated at 122 l / min. Extremely powerful, it can reach free speeds of 10,000 rpm. The operating pressure is 6.2 bar, while the screw / nut capacity CI 8.8 M22-34 mm and CI 12.9 M18-27 mm.

The Beta impact wrench is equipped with a balancer hook. The reverse button is operated with one hand. Thanks to the compact dimensions and the low weight of only 1.3 kg, it allows you to easily carry out all operations.

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Impact wrench Beta 1927XM compact reversible

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    Review for Impact wrench Beta 1927XM compact reversible

    Brand: Beta
    Code B019270030
    Free speed 10.000 rpm
    Max. torque 770 Nm
    Bolt capacity Cl 8.8 M22 34 mm
    Bolt capacity Cl 12.9 M18 27 mm
    Air inlet 1/4" GAS
    Operating pressure 6,2 bar
    Internal hose size (Ø) 10 mm
    Mean air consumption 122 l/min
    Gross weight kg 1,592
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