Industrial tool chest Fami Flexa 54 x 27 EH

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The industrial tool chest is the ideal container for organizing tools and work equipment. Made of polished and high-strength steel sheet, it results in a solid and robust structure. Thanks to its fully extractable drawers, it allows you to better organize the material and improve work operations, thus increasing productivity. To ensure safety in the work environment, the chest of drawers is designed for fixing to the wall or to the floor and the fully extractable drawers are equipped with a single opening mechanism, in order to prevent overturning.

The 1023 x 600 x 1000 mm industrial tool chest is available in versions with 7 and 9 fully extractable drawers. It is possible to order both versions in 3 different colors: g two-tone gray/anthracite, gray or blue. The drawers can reach a maximum load capacity of 50 kg and are equipped with perforated bottom and slotted walls with 17 mm pitch to allow the insertion of any dividers to organize the contents of the drawers.

In the version of the industrial tool chest with 7 drawers, the drawers have different sizes to allow objects of different sizes to be contained and are divided as follows: 2 drawers of 75 mm, 1 of 100 mm, 3 of 150 mm and 1 of 200 mm. In the version with 9 drawers, on the other hand, they all have the same size and are 100 mm high.

To ensure the safety of the material contained inside, the industrial tool chest is equipped with a patented locking system that closes all the drawers at the same time. In this way, in the event of forced opening, the break-in attempt will always be visible.

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Cassettiera porta attrezzi Fami Flexa 54 x 27 EH con 9 cassetti blu RAL5012
Industrial tool chest Fami Flexa 54 x 27 EH

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    Review for Industrial tool chest Fami Flexa 54 x 27 EH

    Brand: Fami Storage Systems
    Models with 7 full extension drawers (100%)
    Blue 5012 FFDL10905404
    Gray RAL7035 FFDL10905408
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FFDL109054PD
    Drawers 2 drawers H 75 mm, 1 drawer H 100 mm, 3 drawers H 150 mm, 1 drawer H 200 mm
    Modelli con 9 cassetti ad estrazione totale (100%)
    Blue 5012 FFDL10905604
    Gray RAL7035 FFDL10905608
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FFDL109056PD
    Drawers 9 drawers H 100 mm
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 1023x600x1000
    Capacity of drawers kg 50
    Empty tool chest capacity kg 900
    Tools not included