Industrial tool chest Fami Master 36 x 36 EH

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The industrial tool chest is the ideal solution for those who need to organize work environments using a robust and versatile product. Available in versions with 7 and 9 fully-extractable drawers, it allows you to make environments such as workshops, garages, technical or industrial departments more organized. Made of high-strength steel sheet, shaped and painted to improve its strength, it is available in two different colors, two-tone grey/anthracite and blue.

The care with which the industrial tool chest was designed has resulted in a shaping and extraction that allows you to see completely the inside of the tallest drawers. The drawers are fully customizable thanks to the possibility of inserting barcodes or labels in the handle and have variable capacity depending on the extraction: 100% extraction with a capacity of 50 kg, 96% extraction with a capacity of 75 kg and 92% extraction with a capacity of 100 kg.

The drawers have perforated bottoms and lateral grooves that facilitate the internal division of the industrial tool chest allowing a perfect organization of tools and materials. Equipped with guides as long as the drawers themselves, it is possible to move the bearing also in the front part of the tool chest, allowing you to increase visibility, reach and extraction of the drawer.

The industrial tool chest stores the contents in total safety. It is in fact equipped with a patented closing system that does not allow the lock to be bypassed. In the event of a forced opening attempt, the break-in will be clearly visible.

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Cassettiera porta attrezzi Fami Master 36 x 36 EH 9 cassetti blu
Industrial tool chest Fami Master 36 x 36 EH

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    Review for Industrial tool chest Fami Master 36 x 36 EH

    Brand: Fami Storage Systems
    Models with 7 drawers
    Blue RAL5012 FM33A100C010AW04
    Gray RAL7035 + 7016 FM33A100C010AWPD
    Drawers 2 drawers H 75 mm, 1 drawer H 100 mm, 3 drawers H 150 mm, 1 drawer H 200 mm
    Models with 9 drawers
    Blue RAL5012 FM33A100C010BL04
    Gray RAL7035 + 7016 FM33A100C010BLPD
    Drawers 9 drawers H 100 mm
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 714x726x1000
    Extraction drawers 7 capacity 100-96-92% / 50-75-100kg
    Tools not included