Industrial tool chest Fami Master DE 36 x 36 EH

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The industrial tool chest by Fami is the ideal solution for those who need to store their tools safely and tidily. It allows workspaces to be organised efficiently, thus reducing clutter and the risk of accidents caused by misplaced tools. Available in several versions with a different number of drawers and in 3 different colours, it is a versatile solution that can adapt to different types of environment. Made of painted sheet metal, it is a perfect piece of furniture for environments such as workshops, garages, warehouses, technical or industrial departments.

The extension and shaping of the industrial tool chest offers a complete view, as the inside of the highest drawers can also be fully viewed. The capacity of the full-extension drawers is easily modified by the user. It can be varied from a minimum of 50 kg to a maximum of 100 kg, depending on the pull-out percentage. The handles can be customised with labels or barcodes to quickly identify the contents.

Each drawer of the tool chest is equipped with slides as long as the drawers themselves, allowing the bearing to be moved to the front, thereby increasing visibility, capacity and extraction. On the inside, the drawers have holes and grooves that make it easier to divide them, thus improving the organisation of tools and materials needed for work tasks.

The industrial tool chest measures 714x726 mm and is 1000 mm high. The drawers have different dimensions depending on the version chosen and range from a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 300 mm. To also guarantee the security of the contents, the drawer unit is equipped with a safety lock.

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Cassettiera porta attrezzi Fami Flexa 54 x 27 EH con 9 cassetti blu RAL5012
Industrial tool chest Fami Master DE 36 x 36 EH

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    Review for Industrial tool chest Fami Master DE 36 x 36 EH

    Models with 6 full extension drawers (100%)
    Blue RAL5012 FD33A100C0100104
    Gray RAL7035 FD33A100C0100108
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FD33A100C01001PD
    Drawers 6 drawers H 150 mm
    Models with 7 full extension drawers (100%)
    Blue RAL5012 FD33A100C0100204
    Gray RAL7035 FD33A100C0100208
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FD33A100C01002PD
    Drawers 1 drawer H 50 mm, 2 drawers 75 mm, 2 drawers H 100 mm, 1 drawer H 200 mm, 1 drawer H 300 mm
    Models with 8 full extension drawers (100%)
    Blue RAL5012 FD33A100C0100304
    Gray RAL7035 FD33A100C0100308
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FD33A100C01003PD
    Drawers 1 drawer H 50 mm, 2 drawers H 75 mm, 2 drawers H 100 mm, 2 drawers H 150 mm, 1 drawer H 200 mm
    Models with 9 full extension drawers (100%)
    Blue RAL5012 FD33A100C0100404
    Gray RAL7035 FD33A100C0100408
    Gray RAL7035+7016 FD33A100C01004PD
    Drawers 9 drawers H 100 mm
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxPxH mm 714x726x1000 mm
    Drawer capacity kg 100-96-92% / 50-75-100 kg
    Empty tool chest capacity kg 2000
    Tools not included