Insulated container 90 liters with active door

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The insulated container 90 liters with active door is the solution for transporting hot food without the risk of thermal decay. The heating unit integrated in the door transforms the AF 12 model into a real thermal container that maintains a constant inner temperature and evenly distributes the heat in order to avoid zoned overheating and prevent overcooking and alteration of food tastes. It also keeps meals at a constant temperature during prolonged meals and is ideal for split meal deliveries.

The door is built to withstand shocks and stresses during transport, and the heating unit has a stainless steel inner protection that provides insulation from moisture and food liquids that may accidentally penetrate. It is equipped as standard with a 2 metre long cable for power supply to the normal 230V 50 Hz mains, but it is possible to accessorize it with the inverter for connection to the vehicle cigarette lighter socket (12 V DC).

The active insulated container door solution can be configured at the time of purchase by selecting the version with a constant temperature of 75°C or the version with a digital thermostat that allows the temperature inside to be adjusted, programmed and monitored during the transport cycle.

The active door food reheating instrument allows correct operation in a HACCP environment (EC Reg. 852/2004 HACCP) and complies with the applicable technical standards (EN12571 and Accord AFNOR AC D40-007).

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Insulated container 90 liters with active door
Insulated container 90 liters with active door

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    Review for Insulated container 90 liters with active door

    Brand: Melform
    Code ISAP370
    Temperature 75° C preset
    Code ISDP370
    Temperature 75° C with digital thermostat
    Common features to all codes
    Ext. dimensions container body mm 440x665 H650
    Int. dimensions container body mm 330x553 H515
    Dimensions door mm 440x110 H570
    Power supply 230V 50 Hz
    Power supply cable length m 2
    Weight kg 5,2
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