Insulated container ATP 600 liters Isotec Ergo

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The insulated container ATP 600 liters with wheels is the solution for the transport of large volumes of food at controlled temperatures. It is the product designed for companies in organized distribution, for companies that deal with cold chain logistics and for those in general in catering that need to transport food with different temperatures together. Once the -30 ° container has been brought into the cold room, a 4 locking point door closing system ensures thermal insulation with an isothermal coefficient of 0.38 W / m²K.

The insulated container with ATP is equipped with two swivel and two fixed wheels in nylon that make it movable without the aid of the pallet truck and an internal tub in white fiberglass with a smooth surface, quick to wash and to sanitize. It is built with a solid galvanized steel structure and polyurethane walls of over 7 cm, coated with scratch-resistant 2 mm polyethylene, suitable for absorbing and distributing the force generated by accidental impacts.

In addition to placing the insulated container in the refrigerator cell the night before use, it is possible to add eutectic plates from -21° and -3° to increase the temperature maintenance performance, particularly useful for longer transport cycles. In addition, there is the shelf for positioning the plates, but also the shelf for goods.

Suitable for the transport and storage of food in compliance with HACCP procedures, the insulated container is in line with the provisions of the ATP provisions with isothermal test test and ATP class IR certificate. This certificate is required by some local health authorities, it must be purchased at the same time as the container and is issued to the manufacturer by the German certifying body.

Details insulated container ATP 600 liters Isotec Ergo

ATP certification and HACCP certificate.

ATP certificate not included.

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1pcs -   IS00004FGA0502  - 760X825X1775 mm nylon castors D. 125   €920.00  - [5/8 days]

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Contenitore isotermico 600 litri Isotec Ergo
Insulated container ATP 600 liters Isotec Ergo

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    Review for Insulated container ATP 600 liters Isotec Ergo

    Type ERGO 600
    Code IS00004FGA0502
    Capacity liters 600
    Capacity kg 500
    Ext. dimensions mm 760x825x1775
    Int. dimensions mm 609x657x1416
    Weight kg 82
    K- Value 0,38 W/m2K