Lowered hand pallet truck kg 2500 Fervi 1150 x 540 mm

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The lowered hand pallet truck is the ideal solution for handling lowered pallets. This model is capable of reaching a minimum ground clearance of 63 mm and a maximum height of 165 mm. Ideal for use in conditions where there are smooth floors or paved surfaces, it offers great manoeuvrability with minimal effort. It is therefore perfect for handling packages placed on less elevated pallets, and is designed to guarantee safety and operational reliability.

The machine consists of a hydraulic unit that allows the height of the 1150x540 mm forks to be adjusted from the ground, and two wheels connected to the drawbar that allow the tool to be moved. Underneath the forks are four rollers that allow the load to be supported and handled easily. The structure of the lowered hand pallet truck, although sturdy, weighs 68.50 kg and is therefore easy to transport.

The tiller, which allows the rear wheels and consequently the tool to be moved nimbly, is equipped with a control lever that allows the operators using it to select the operating mode from the three available (up, down and transport).

The lowered hand pallet truck is equipped with a safety system that prevents the maximum capacity of 2500 kg from being exceeded. The pressure relief valve ensures that the internal circuit pressure does not exceed the maximum rated capacity of the device.

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Transpallet manuale ribassato kg 2500 Fervi 1150 x 540 mm
Lowered hand pallet truck kg 2500 Fervi 1150 x 540 mm

In stock

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    Brand: Fervi
    Code CTS2301
    Dimensions LxWxH mm n/a
    Fork dimensions LxW mm 1150x540
    Lift height mm 63-165
    Front wheels  n/a
    Back wheels n/a
    Capacity kg 2500
    Weight kg 68,50
    Propulsion Manual
    Lift Manual