Tables and dividers

Tables are devices that are mainly used with machines such as milling machines. These are accessories that allow the fixing of the pieces to be machined, thanks to the special grooves. It is possible to choose from a wide range of accessories with different characteristics, which allow to satisfy every need. There are devices where you can adjust the inclination, with channels for coolants.

The tilting rotary tables with spindle are designed to perform precise positioning of both rotation and tilt. They are in fact equipped with a handwheel with graduations and an inclination locking lever. The cross tables have the purpose of moving the pieces along two axes. For greater precision in machining, tables with adjustable graduation and fixed millimeter scale are available.

The dividers allow to obtain different types of divisions depending on the mounted disc. The divisions are carried out automatically thanks to the advance lever. There are dividers that allow manual division of degree by degree from 0 ° to 360 °. There are also dividers that allow operators to perform exactly determined angular rotations to operators.

The clamping kits include all the parts necessary to fasten the elements to be milled on the tables. Available in practical supports, it hangs in order to have all the necessary material always available.