Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are the best solution to keep dirt or processing residues under control in workshops or carpentries. Suitable for working both indoors and outdoors, they are also perfect for collecting liquids. They are all supplied with an identification plate and information pictograms. It is important to underline that these are service machines and therefore only suitable for short-term use.

To suck up liquids, some actions must be taken to ensure that the machinery is kept in excellent condition and protect the operator and others. In some models of vacuum cleaners, for example, it is necessary to modify the motor filter and remove the dust bag and the filter of the suction mouth.

With some models it is also possible to exhale air to the outside, and this can be useful, for example, to move the leaves from the courtyard of the company. In these cases, the vacuum cleaners are supplied with a second nozzle to perform this function.

Finally, some models of wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with different starting modes to meet any need: manual, to be able to move the vacuum cleaner freely, and starting in synchrony with an electric tool, such as a saw.