Lathes for wood

Lathes for wood are a type of machines that allow the processing of pieces of wood by removing shavings. During the machining of the pieces, the cutting motion is given by the motion of the piece being machined which rotates on its own axis. Thanks to this tool it is possible to carry out different types of machining, such as turning, facing or profiling. This type of machinery is to be considered manual operation. In fact, the movements can only be performed on direct command from the operator.

Important to consider when choosing the lathe are the distance between the tips, their height, and the maximum turning diameter. In fact, these characteristics will then determine the maximum size of the pieces of wood that will be possible to work with the instrument. Another very important feature in the choice of the lathe is the spindle rotation speed transmission mode. In fact, there are different modes of transmission that can make the instrument more or less suitable for carrying out more or less demanding activities.

The spindle of lathes for wood is installed on the shaft of the head and consists of a plate with holes for fixing the workpiece. There are also self-centering chucks or with independent jaws. The type of spindle and the number of jaws are characteristics that affect the type of pieces and processes that can be carried out. To protect operators while using the instrument, there are plexiglass protections that repair the most dangerous areas.

The lathes for wood are equipped with a sliding carriage in which the tool is placed during the turning operations. The different parts are made of cast iron and have ground guides. In this way they are able to guarantee high stability during processing.