Manual pallet stacker up to Kg 200 HW

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The manual pallet stacker is an indispensable tool when you need to lift heavy materials. This type of equipment is particularly useful for allowing the installation of shutters, shutters, signs and curtains. Its structure made entirely of aluminum is in fact capable of offering great stability even when lifting the heaviest materials. The lifting is activated manually through a winch that operates the aluminum extensions.

When not in use, or to move around, the manual pallet stacker folds up to take on compact dimensions. In this way, in fact, it can easily pass through doors or even enter the smallest elevators. Furthermore, in addition to being very compact, it is also very light and easy to handle and can be handled easily by one person.

The handling of the manual lifter is facilitated by the presence of wheels which are equipped with brakes. This takes place with the machine in a vertical position. To move the lift from one area of use to another, in fact, the operator's push, facilitated by the presence of a handle, will suffice. When not in use it can be stored both vertically and horizontally depending on the space available.

Available in two versions that differ in capacity and reachable height, the manual pallet stacker has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and is capable of reaching a maximum height of 415 cm.

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Manual pallet stacker up to Kg 200 HW

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    Code CES8001 CES8002
    A mm 2700 4150
    B mm 450 450
    C mm 1780 1780
    D mm 630 630
    E mm 960 960
    F mm 1820 1820
    G mm 1150 1150
    Capacity kg 200 150
    Weight Kg 55 63
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