Open fronted metal boxes

The open fronted metal boxes are the practical solutions to divide spare objects and various components in a functional way, to always have them at hand. Made of polished cold-rolled steel sheet, the boxes are solid and impact resistant thanks to the ribs on the bottom and sides. The structural characteristics make them suitable for professional use, even intensive, and for this reason they are widely used in companies in the industrial sector.

Practical and transportable by hand thanks to the comfortable 90-degree locking handles and the lifting crosspieces, the metal boxes with the head of a wolf are stackable. They therefore make it possible to optimize space by exploiting every centimeter, even in height, both during storage in the warehouse and during transport.

The wide range is complete with metal boxes with double crossbar or with slides on the long side. The latter represent the ideal solution if you prefer to move the boxes with the aid of a transpallet or forklift: the forks can in fact pass through the skids and transport the boxes in total safety.

To meet different needs and allow easy distinction of the metal boxes, these are available in gray and green painted steel, but also in the galvanized version.

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