Mini pallet truck kg 2500 Pramac GS 800 x 525 mm

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The mini pallet truck is the solution designed and manufactured in Italy by Pramac to guarantee suitability for intensive and professional use with a maximum capacity of 2500 kg and short forks. Made by a brand that is recognised worldwide for the reliability and quality of its products, it is built in steel with metal degreasing and powder painting in an oven at a temperature of 250 degrees, which allows the resins to harden and gives maximum resistance to impacts, wear and tear and atmospheric agents.

The GS model with short forks 800 mm long is the compact, lightweight mini pallet truck ideal for intensive handling of short loads, half pallets and roll containers. Its small dimensions make it easy to transport and ideal for loading and unloading vehicles with hydraulic tail lifts.

The pump, made of one-piece cast iron, is durable and reliable and is equipped with an ON OFF lowering valve and a safety valve that prevents overloads by intervening and blocking the forks when the pressure in the hydraulic circuit exceeds the preset calibration value.

The mini pallet truck is supplied with 200 mm diameter nylon polyurethane front wheels and 82 mm diameter nylon rollers, a directional handle with a single lever for lowering, lifting and neutral selection that allows for quick and easy control of operations. Finally, it is available in 2-roller (excellent for forking pallets from both sides) or 4-roller versions.

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Transpallet manuale forche corte kg 2500 Pramac GS 800 x 525 mm
Mini pallet truck kg 2500 Pramac GS 800 x 525 mm

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    Review for Mini pallet truck kg 2500 Pramac GS 800 x 525 mm

    Brand: Pramac
    2 rollers code CTS3001
    Rear wheels 82x82 mm nylon
    Weight kg 55 
    4 rollers code CTS3002
    Rear wheels 82x60 mm nylon
    Weight kg 57
     Click here to download the complete data sheet for the manual transpallet Pramac GS 4 rollers.
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxWxH mm 1200x525x1185
    Fork dimensions LxW mm 800x525
    Lift height mm 115
    Front wheels 200x45 mm nylon
    Capacity kg 2500
    Propulsion Manual
    Lift Manual
    Standard Hydraulic unit with monolithic design, chromed piston and oil seal, maximum pressure and ON / OFF release valve, Nylon-Poly wheels, Nylon rollers, 4-bend rudder with controls on a single lever, metal parts painted with polyester powder 250°, wheelhouse / pump connection via two welded joints