Mobile roller cabinet Beta RSC24 with 5 drawers

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The mobile roller cabinet RSC24 with 5 drawers is the ideal solution for organising the workstation of any professional. Its robust construction makes it suitable for all work environments and guarantees a quality and durable product. Equipped with wheels, it can be easily moved around the work area, thus offering considerable versatility in how it can be used. Its ability to support a static load of up to 800 kg makes it a robust and safe solution for any type of environment.

The work surface of the mobile roller cabinet is reinforced with ABS, and is therefore suitable for supporting heavy loads even in the central part without running the risk of bending. The work surface of the Beta trolley is also multifunctional, equipped with 8 storage holes and anti-fall edges that guarantee the safe handling of small objects without the risk of losing them.

The five drawers that make up the RSC24 mobile roller cabinet are mounted on telescopic ball bearing slides, have dimensions of 588 x 367 and different heights. To allow the use of different types of tools, 2 drawers are 70 mm high, 2 drawers are 140 mm high and 1 drawer is 280 mm high. Each drawer also has a foam rubber mat on the inside to protect the contents and is compatible with Beta thermoformed moulds of dimensions 147x367, 588x244, 294x367, 588x122, 588x367 mm.

The mobile roller cabinet is equipped with four 125 mm diameter wheels, two fixed and two swivel, one of which has a brake. Equipped with a side bottle holder and centralised safety lock for safe use. The Beta trolley is available in 7 different colours to allow maximum customisation and adaptability to the work environment.

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Carrello porta attrezzi Beta RSC24 con 5 cassetti
Mobile roller cabinet Beta RSC24 with 5 drawers

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    Common features to all codes
    External dim. LxPxH mm 740x445x969
    Drawers 2 drawers 588x367x70 mm capacity 25 kg
    2 drawers 588x367x140 mm capacity 30 kg
    1 drawer 588x367x280 mm capacity 35 kg
    Max. capacity kg 300 (mobile roller cabinet + load )
    Max. static load on flat surface kg 800
    Wheels Ø 125 mm
    Wheight kg 60
    Standard Worktop reinforced in ABS, multifunctional support surface with anti-fall edges and 8 holes for housing screwdrivers, 4 wheels Ø 125 mm, 2 of which are fixed and 2 are swivel (one with brake), centralized frontal safety lock, bottle holder integrated side, applicable on both sides, drawer tops protected by foam rubber mats
    Tools not included. Drawers compatible with Beta thermoformed trays 147x367, 588x244, 294x367, 588x122, 588x367 mm
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