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Modulcontainer for drums on shelf with polyurethane insulated panels, spill pallet and sliding doors

Modulcontainer for drums on shelf with polyurethane insulated panels, spill pallet and sliding doors

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The modulcontainer is the solution for outdoor usage that allows you to optimize the available space by storing drums containing dangerous substances on a shelf in total safety. The company's HSE manager or the appointed safety advisor must decide on the suitability of the container to contain the specific hazardous substances to be stored. The walls and doors are made with 40 mm thick polyurethane insulated panels, fire reaction class F and fire resistance NPD; the roof is made of corrugated panels insulated in polyurethane thickness 40 mm (+40 mm ridges), fire reaction class F and fire resistance NPD. In addition, the structure includes as standard: ventilation grilles, predisposition for fixing to the ground with dowels, continuous 80 mm slides for support, gutters and downspouts, spill pallet in galvanized carbon steel sheet thickness 2 mm, removable hot-dip galvanized grating floor with 34x76 mm flat 25x2 mm mesh and load capacity 600 kg / m2 and internal shelving. In addition, the slides, the spill pallet, the downspouts and the profiles are all painted in the RAL9002 color, but other colors are available on request.

To create the modulcontainer the Legislative Decree 152/06 consolidated environmental text and related standards was respected and the container is supplied complete with the following documentation:
• Watertight declaration of the tank as required by the Legislative Decree 152/06;
• Declaration that natural ventilation is in accordance with D.M. 18/05/95 with grids of dimensions equal to 1/30 of the plan surface;
• Declaration of the capacity of the grating floor;
• Welding declaration: in accordance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2.2006 with production control plan under surveillance - with qualified welders in accordance with EN 9606-1: 2013 - with welding process in accordance with UNI EN ISO 15614-1: 2012 , UNI EN ISO 9001: 15 certified quality system;
• User and maintenance manual (the operator must always use the Personal Protective Equipment as per Legislative Decree 81/08 for the operations listed in the manual).

The spill pallet is made of 2 mm thick galvanized carbon steel. It is made in compliance with the Italian legislation on safety which provides that it is capable of containing the greater of 33% of the volume stored and the volume of the largest container stored. If the use of the modulcontainer is done outside Italy, it will be essential to inquire about the relevant legislation in each country (for example, 50% of the stored volume is required for France, while 10% in Germany). The ventilation grilles are also structured according to the Italian standard: if you intend to use the modul container outside the Italian territory, it is therefore important to check the national regulations on the subject (for example in France the grilles are mandatory, while in Germany are recommended, but the number and structure required may vary).

To move the modulcontainer, depending on the model chosen, a forklift truck with fork extension or a crane will be required. For models for which handling with a crane is not provided as standard, this feature can be purchased as an accessory and in this case bear in mind that you will be able to move your modulcontainer in both ways (crane and forklift). 

The customization of the modulcontainer is possible thanks to the available accessories. In fact, it is possible to purchase the access ramp with or without flap (with forklift pockets) and the non-Atex lighting, air conditioning and suction / ventilation systems. In addition, if you wish to store the drums horizontally, it is possible to accessorize the modul containers with a special structure, the composition of which varies depending on the container in which it is mounted. This structure consists of drum support cradles (1 for each drum), 1 to 3 pairs of shelf beams and 1 to 3 pallet support tubes. Finally, upon request, it is possible to fit your modulcontainer with a spill pallet with greater capacity. 

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Code Ext. dimensions mm LxWxH Sliding doors mm LxH Collection volume lt Weight kg Handling
MC00212 3230x1695x2960 1350+1350x1150+1150 1100 1080 Forklift
Vertical drum capacity: 12 on pallets 800x1200 mm or 16 on pallets 1200x1200 mm
Horizontal drum capacity: 8 on supports
MC00213 6030x1695x2960 2700+2700x1150+1150 2300 1600 Forklift
Vertical drum capacity: 24 on pallets 800x1200 mm or 32 on pallets 1200x1200 mm
Horizontal drum capacity: 16 on supports
MC00214 8830x1790x2960 2700+2700+2700x1150+1150 3400 2290 Crane
Vertical drum capacity: 36 on pallets 800x1200 mm or 48 on pallets 1200x1200 mm
Horizontal drum capacity: 24 on supports
Common features to all codes
Standard Structure complete with collection tank in galvanized carbon steel sheet 2.00 mm thick; 2 aluminum grids with fixed blades + insect net to ensure ventilation equal to 1/30 of the area on the plan (in accordance with Ministerial Decree 18/05/95); predisposition for fixing to the ground with dowels (fixing by and at the user's expense); continuous slides of 80 mm for support; removable hot-galvanized grating floor (fixed with butterflies to be unscrewed) mesh 34x76 mm plate 25x2 mm - load capacity 600 kg / m2; sliding walls and doors in 40 mm thick polyurethane insulated panels, fire reaction class F and fire resistance NPD; roof in ribbed panels insulated in polyurethane 40 mm thick (+40 mm fret), fire reaction class F and fire resistance NPD; shelving; skids, tub, downspouts and profiles painted in RAL 9002; gutter and downspouts.
Accessories Access ramp, handling with crane, non-Atex lighting system, non-Atex air conditioning system, non-Atex suction / ventilation system, Structure for horizontal drum storage
Provided Assembled
 Download the facsimile of the certification for the polyurethane roof panels.
 Download the facsimile of the certification for the polyurethane wall panels.
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