Modulcontainer for drums on shelf in steel with spill pallet and sliding doors group size 1

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The modulcontainer is the solution with sliding doors for the storage of drums on shelves. The models available, thanks to an internal shelving, are structured on two levels for the storage of 16 up to 32 drums. The modulcontainer is complete with a drum spill pallet and a steel prefabricated structure, galvanized or galvanized and painted in blue RAL5010, and it is easily movable with a forklift, therefore ideal if you have to transport it from one work area to another a couple of times a year.

The modulcontainer is a safe product suitable for professional use as it is made in compliance with the following regulations:
• international standard UNI EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 certificate n. 523-088-2012 TÜV Italia and the Essential Requirements for Safety and Environmental Protection (referred to the manufacturer);
• EU directives 2009/104/CE Work equipment;
• national directives Legislative Decree 81/2008 annex V Consolidated text on safety at work.
In addition, the UNI EN 1090 certification that allows the CE marking to be affixed is available on request.

The spill pallet positioned at the base of the modulcontainer is built according to the provisions of the Italian regulation on containment, therefore it can contain the greater of 33% of the total volume stored and the volume of the largest container stored. Containment regulations change from country to country, for this reason it is always important to check the regulations in force for each country: in France the planned containment is 50% of the total stored, in Germany 10%.

To meet different needs, it is possible to accessorise the modulcontainer with ventilation grids for the storage of flammable substances and the insulating roof, made of certified 50 mm mineral wool sandwich panels EI30 with fire resistance class A2 S1-d0 interposed between the galvanized sheets. The optional ventilation grids comply with the Italian D.M. 18/05/95 standard. The grilles therefore guarantee a ventilation that is equal to 1/30 of the floor area and are particularly recommended when storing flammable substances. If the modulcontainer is to be used outside Italy, it is necessary to check the relevant national regulations (e.g. in France grids are mandatory, while in Germany they are recommended, but the required number and structure may vary).

Finally, a polypropylene spill pallet is available on request, recommended for the storage of corrosive and aggressive liquids (acids, non-solvents) and explosion-proof ventilation (ideal when storing high-risk flammable substances). Also on request, the modulcontainer comes with a 100% insulated structure.

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Contenitore in plastica per industria 1060 x 395 medio litri 100
Modulcontainer for drums on shelf in steel with spill pallet and sliding doors group size 1

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    Review for Modulcontainer for drums on shelf in steel with spill pallet and sliding doors group size 1

    G=galvanized GP=galvanized painted blue RAL5010
    Code Mod. Ext. dimensions mm LxWxH Int. dimensions mm LxWxH Collection volume lt
    3150x1685x3000 2 compartments x 2700x1340x1190 1100
    200 lt drum capacity: 16 on grid or pallet 1200x1200 mm or 12 on europallet 800x1200 mm
    5950x1650x3000 4 compartmentsx 2700x1340x1190 2150
    200 lt drum capacity: 32 on grid or on 8 pallets 1200x1200 mm or 24 on 12 europallets 800x1200 mm
    Common features to all codes
    Standard Structure complete with painted spill pallet; sliding doors with key lock; internal load-bearing frame made of rolled and boxed steel profiles welded together according to static requirements; height from the ground 100 mm by means of feet equipped with perforated support plates for anchoring to the ground; storage surfaces made up of removable hot-dip galvanized gratings; safety catches on the bottom of the shelf; rear wall, side walls, doors and roof made with galvanized steel profiles and coatings in high relief corrugated galvanized sheet; inlets in galvanized sheet metal to convey any leaks into the collection basin
    Accessories Ventilation grids, insulated roof
    Provided Assembled
    Handling With forklift equipped with fork extension and adequate capacity
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