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Modulcontainer open space with EI30 certified panels, spill pallet and swing doors

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The modulcontainer open space is complete with doors, walls and roof made with 50 mm mineral wool sandwich panels certified EI30 with fire resistance class A2 S1-d0 interposed between the galvanized sheets. This type of structure allows to obtain thermal insulation which limits the temperature fluctuations that could damage the substances that you are storing. Furthermore, this model of modulcontainer, consisting of a spill pallet and a steel prefabricated, can be easily moved with a forklift, therefore it is the ideal solution if you are looking for a structure that will have to be moved a couple of times a year.

The modulcontainer is designed and built in compliance with the following regulations:
• international standard UNI EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 certificate n. 523-088-2012 TÜV Italia and the Essential Requirements for Safety and Environmental Protection (referred to the manufacturer);
• EU directives 2009/104/CE Work equipment;
• national directives Legislative Decree 81/2008 annex V Consolidated text on safety at work.
Furthermore, on request it is also possible to provide the UNI EN 1090 certification which allows to affix the CE marking on the deposit.

The modulcontainer is made in compliance with the Italian legislation on containment and is therefore equipped with a spill pallet that contains the greater of 33% of the total volume stored and the volume of the largest container stored. It is therefore essential, if the container is used in non-Italian territory, to check the national regulations on containment. Consider that in France the spill pallet must be able to contain 50% of the total stored, in Germany 10%.

Particularly recommended for the storage of flammable substances are ventilation grids. These are designed in accordance with Italian regulations (Ministerial Decree 18/05/95), and are therefore able to guarantee ventilation equal to 1/30 of the floor area. If the modulcontainer is to be used in a different country, it will be necessary to check the national regulations on ventilation (e.g. in Germany they are recommended, while in France they are mandatory, but the number and structure may vary). Other accessories available are the access ramp, 1000 and 2000 mm shelving (positioning to be agreed upon), internal lighting, explosion-proof aspirator (excellent when storing high-risk flammable substances), 2 or 4 kW heating system.

The structure of the modulcontainer is characterized by a thickness of the sheet metal of doors, walls and roof equal to 0.8 mm, while the thickness of the sheet of the tank is of 3 mm. Doors, walls and roof are also made with EI30 certified 50 mm thick mineral wool panels interposed between the galvanized sheet. The container module also has a predisposition for securing it to the ground with dowels and is equipped with a hot-dip galvanized grating floor, with 66x55 mm mesh.

Finally, upon request, the modulcontainer can be 100% insulated and the polypropylene spill pallet is available, recommended when the container is used to store corrosive and aggressive substances (acids, non-solvents).

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Code Ext. dimensions mm LxWxH Int. dimensions mm LxWxH Collection volume lt Door side
MC00017 3150x2350x2350 2880x2080x2000 1000 Long
MC00018 5150x2350x2350 4880x2080x2000 1700 Long
MC00019 5150x2350x2350 4880x2080x2000 1700 Short
Common features to all codes
Standard Structure complete with collection tank in painted steel with two-component high-solid acrylic cycle, sheet thickness 3 mm; swing doors with dimensions 1880x1850 H mm with key lock; pressed hot galvanized grating floor with 66x55 mm mesh; sheet thickness of doors, walls and roof 0.8 mm; doors, walls and roof made with class A2 S1- d0 sandwich panels of mineral wool sp. 50 mm interposed between galvanized sheets; internal-external painting with epoxy primer and two-component high-solid acrylic cycle in white RAL 9016; predisposition for fixing to the ground with dowels.
Accessories Ventilation grids, access ramp, 1000 or 2000 mm shelving, interior lighting, explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, 2 or 4 kw heating
Provided Assembled
Handling With forklift equipped with fork extension and adequate capacity
 Click here to download the installation specifications for containers.
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