Multi purpose ladder professional Scalissima

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The Scalissima multi purpose ladder is a professional Svelt Made in Italy product that allows to safely reach heights and work at heights. The product is designed and manufactured for professional and DIY use. It is the ideal choice when looking for a multifunctional product, adaptable to different needs. In fact, it is possible to use the extended staircase and reach important heights when a support wall is available, or with a trestle when the wall is not available. Furthermore, in the stand mode it is possible to act on the hinge to work between steps and stairwells.

The main features of the multi purpose ladder are the non-slip, knurled rungs and the PVC pads which prevent the ladder from moving in order to guarantee safety. To make the product even safer, it is possible to choose the option of the stabilizer, both normal and resealable, and the Sicurkit made up of a platform and guardrail 60 or 100 cm. In addition, the pegs are welded to make the structure more solid.

In the trestle mode, the multi purpose ladder is equipped with a 31x36 cm polypropylene tool tray which allows the user to have tools at hand for greater convenience. In addition, to move the professional ladder quickly and easily, it is possible to choose the option of the wheel kit.

The 6-step model complies with Italian and European standards, while the 7 and 8-step models, exceeding the height of 3 m on the wall, comply with the Italian standard but comply with the European standard EN131 only if equipped with a base stabilizer (available as an option, assembly is by the customer). From the version with 9 steps, the Scalissima complies only with the Italian standard. So, if you need a Scalissima staircase with over 8 steps that respects both the Italian and European standards, you can find the ideal version among the Scalissima Plus.

Marca del produttore.

Portata massima.Anni di garanzia.Conforme standard qualitativi europei per dimensionamenti e resistenza.Collaudo superato presso TÜV SÜD (scale=UNIEN131 - sgabelli=UNIEN14183).Conforme al decreto legislativo sulla sicurezza n. 81 del 9 aprile 2008.Conforme alla normativa europea sulla saldatura.Posizioni di utilizzo.

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Scala telescopica professionale Scalissima
Multi purpose ladder professional Scalissima

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    Review for Multi purpose ladder professional Scalissima

    Brand: Svelt
    Code Ladder steps Closed height Scissor height Extended height Ladder width Ladder capacity Ladder weight
      nr cm cm cm cm kg kg
    SCL1901 6+6 97 146 300 63 150 9,2
    SCL1902 7+7 125 171 355 63 150 9,8
    SCL1903 8+8 125 196 410 63 150 11,0
    SCL1904 9+9 153 223 464 63 150 12,0
    SCL1905 10+10 153 251 522 63 140 13,2
    SCL1906 11+11 181 282 580 63 130 14,2
    SCL1907 12+12 181 310 635 63 120 15,0
    Common features: tool tray in nylon 31x36 cm, knurled non-slip rungs 27x27mm, internal ramp width 36.5 cm, nylon-covered steel locking hooks, non-slip pads, aluminum hinge handle with 3 steel pins
    Accessories: base stabilizer, resealable base stabilizer , kit with 2 wheels, sicurkit60, sicurkit100
    Conforms to European quality standards for sizing and resistance 6/7/8 steps models only