Non-marking rubber fixed sack barrow wheel

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The non-marking rubber fixed sack barrow wheel is the anti-puncture solution with a fixed support for handling trolleys often used to move containers of various kinds, but that are also used quite often for picking and porterage tasks. These wheels are the professional, quality spare parts to replace worn-out wheels and return to handling trolleys in a simple, controlled and safe manner.

Solid rubber is the ideal material for wheels that can withstand heavy loads, but are also non-marking and can therefore be used on more delicate surfaces. In addition, solid rubber solid tyre wheels are characterised by maximum elasticity and rolling resistance and a high level of quietness.

If you are looking for a lightweight, rust- and moisture-resistant wheel that can also be used outdoors, the version of these non-marking rubber fixed sack barrow wheels with nylon rims are the ideal solution. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a robust wheel for use in workshops, warehouses and the logistics sector, the version with a metal rim is the right choice.

The yellow solid rubber wheels come complete with a galvanised steel fixed support fitted with 4 holes. Finally, both versions are available with a diameter of 260 mm for a maximum load of 150 kg.

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Ruote in gomma piena antitraccia con supporto fisso in acciaio zincato con cerchio in metallo
Non-marking rubber fixed sack barrow wheel

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    Code   RFA0263 RFA0268
    Simbolo diametro ruota mm 260 260
    Simbolo larghezza ruota mm 85 85
    Simbolo altezza ruota fissa mm 295 295
    Simbolo piastra ruota mm 130x230 130x230
    Simbolo interasse fori piastra ruota mm 75x190 75x190
    Simbolo diametro fori piastra ruota mm 14 14
    Simbolo peso ruota kg -- --
    Simbolo portata ruota kg 150 150