Nylon wheel

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A nylon wheel is the ideal solution without support for use in environments with both low and high extreme temperatures (-40 °C + 80 °C). The material it is made of, high quality nylon, ensures great impact resistance during the handling of roll containers and industrial trolleys and is the optimal solution to move the goods positioned on the trolleys easily and quickly even inside cold-storage rooms and freezers.

The production of this nylon wheel is well-finished in every detail: the products are made of first choice raw material blend with roller cage, steel axle, through screw and self-locking nut. The raw material used is Italian and high quality, just like the molding operations that take place in order to produce this top-notch item.

The nylon wheel is complete with a roller bearing, a steel axle, screws and a self-locking nut. Moreover, it is available for purchase in the 100 mm diameter version with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and in the 125 mm diameter version (with or without hub guard) with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg.

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Nylon wheel
Nylon wheel

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    Code   RUM0002 RUM0502
    Diameter mm 100 125
    Axle hole mm 12 12
    Width of tread mm 38 38
    Hub mm 44 44
    Weight kg 0,160 0,230
    Load capacity kg 200 250
    Max-min temperature °C +80-40 +80-40