Pallet jack scale inox kg 2000 TMB-20 1150 x 535 mm

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The inox pallet jack scale TMB-20 is the solution for weighing and handling goods at the same time and with minimal effort. The characteristics and construction quality make it particularly suitable for handling and storage in sectors such as the agri-food, chemical or pharmaceutical sectors, thanks to compliance with the EN 1672-1 and EN 1672-2 standards for the food sector and EN 14644-1: 2006. and EN 14644-2: 2006 for pharmaceuticals and cleanrooms. In addition to this, the pallet truck is certified in line with the Machinery Standard 2006/42 / EC.

The pallet jack scale is available in two models that differ in their area of use. Both models have a sandblasted finish and are treated with 70-110 microns of glass microspheres. As an alternative to the sandblasted version, it is possible to purchase the version with a satin finish for the pharmaceutical sector, which can also be used in the cleanroom.

The material used, AISI 304 stainless steel, guarantees smooth surfaces and prevents the adhesion of dirt and the spread of germs and bacteria, as well as being scratch and stain resistant and easily and completely sanitized with high pressure washing. In fact, the pallet jack scale with scale guarantees easy access to the components in order to offer a very high level of cleaning.

The pallet jack scale with stainless steel scale works thanks to 4 load cells positioned on the IP68 forks and offers a division of +/- 0.5 kg and an accuracy of +/- 0.1% of its maximum capacity. The high contrast 25mm LCD display is located on the weight indicator, inside an IP68 waterproof casing.

The pallet jack with stainless steel scale is branded Bada Carrelli, produced in Italy by Italiana Carrelli Elevatori. Finally, for the operation of the weighing system, the pallet truck is equipped with a gel battery 6 VDC 4.5Ah (duration 50 hours) and relative built-in battery charger to be connected to the mains with 110 / 240V power supply.

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Transpallet con bilancia inox kg 2000 TMB-20 1150 x 535 mm
Pallet jack scale inox kg 2000 TMB-20 1150 x 535 mm

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    Review for Pallet jack scale inox kg 2000 TMB-20 1150 x 535 mm

    Code CTI5001
    Stainless steel finish sandblasted, for the food sector
    Code CTI5002
    Stainless steel finish sandblasted, for the pharmaceutical sector
    Common features to all codes
    Dimensions LxWxH mm 1530x535x1215
    Fork dimensions LxW mm 1150x535
    Lift height mm 115
    Front wheels Nylon-polyurethane
    Rear rollers Nylon-polyurethane
    Capacity kg 2000
    Weight kg 150
    Propulsion Manual
    Lift Manual
    Material AISI 304 stainless steel 
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