Pallet retention unit

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The pallet retention unit is the solution that transforms a standard pallet into an actual wire mesh container. It is a practical and convenient tool for handling and optimising space thanks to the possibility of overlapping. It is also an indispensable logistical solution, and a valid alternative to film, for the safe storage of bulky goods, up to the highest levels of pallet racking.

The structure of the pallet retention unit allows overlapping up to three levels, secured by the perimeter sheet metal of the walls. In addition, galvanised steel hinges locked by the rod shaping are fixed at the most extreme points of the walls to prevent deformation even under full load and thus ensure a perfect and secure overlap.

With its simple and light design, the pallet retention unit always allows perfect visibility of the contents, optimising the search time for goods stored in warehouses. Finally, the pallet retention unit is equipped with a door that facilitates access to the contents and is easy to remove when not in use: it folds down perfectly to facilitate stacking even when space is limited.

In order to meet ever-changing requirements and to allow for the storage of more or less bulky goods, the pallet retention unit is available in different models that differ in size.

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Pallet retention unit
Pallet retention unit

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    Review for Pallet retention unit

    Code Ext. dimensions (with pallet) Int. dimensions Folded Weight Leaf side
      mm mm mm kg  
    PAA0007 820x1220 H 565 740x1150 H 400 460x1920 H 130 18 long
    PAA0003 820x1220 H 785 740x1150 H 620 670x1920 H 130 24 long
    PAA0001 820x1220 H 1015 740x1150 H 850 920x1920 H 130 29 long
    PAA0008 815x1225 H 1015 750x1115 H 855 2000x1000 H 70 30 short
    PAA0004 820x1220 H 1165 740x1150 H 1000 1060x1920 H 130 32 long
    PAA0005 1020x1220 H 1015 940x1150 H 850 920x1920 H 130 31 long
    PAA0006 1020x1220 H 1165 940x1150 H 1000 1060x2110 H 130 34 long
    Common features to all codes
    Surface treatment Electrogalvanized
    Stackability 3 on 1
    Mesh size mm 65x120
    Load capacity kg 800