Petrol AVR generator Pramac 2850 W single-phase WX3200

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The Pramac WX3200 2.85 kW power generator is the perfect solution when there is a need for an electricity source but the grid is not available, such as for bad weather or when camping. The group is fueled by petrol and has a special indicator to know the level, so you never run out of it. It comes with the complete transport kit with wheels and handles to make it easy to move and with quick instructions to put the generator into service immediately.

The generator is equipped with an oil level protection system that blocks the generator when the oil is too low. Together with the generator, a bottle with engine oil and a funnel is supplied to make commissioning easier and more immediate. The generator runs on petrol.

Thanks to the AVR, the generator can drastically reduce the risk of overvoltage, as by independently managing the engine speed it can only supply the current needed by the connected load, without wasting fuel unnecessarily.

The generating set is equipped with a digital multimeter to monitor the indicators: hour meter, voltmeter and frequency meter. Finally, it is essential to understand if the WX3200 current generator is able to withstand its intended use: if the device to be powered at full capacity consumes a certain amount of Watts, a generator that delivers 3 times as much will be needed to overcome the inrush.

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Petrol AVR generator Pramac 2850 W single-phase WX3200

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    Code PWX3200
    Frequency Hz 50
    Voltage V 230
    Phase 1
    Max Power LTP ESP W 2850
    Rated Power COP W 2450
    Weight (dry) kg 49
    Recommended oil SAE 10W30 or MOTUL or CASTROL
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