Euro container and eurobox

The stackable euro container and eurobox are the European standard solutions with compatible sizes and heights for storage on pallets and suitable for all palletizing operations of goods in general. Designed for the transport of goods, the storage and handling of semi-finished products and small parts during production processes, the plastic boxes offer the solution for many needs that arise in the production and distribution processes of each sector. They are versatile and practical products, suitable for different needs in the production and logistics fields.

Manufactured in polypropylene or in high density polypropylene (HDPE), the stackable euro container and eurobox are resistant to shocks and stresses. They are suitable for use at low or high temperatures, ideal for intensive professional use in all companies in the industrial sector.

Stackable boxes are widely used in automated handling and storage systems. Moreover, thanks to the lateral reinforcements on the walls they can support heavy loads and molded with interlocking profile at the base they can be overlapped in a practical and safe way.

The range of stackable euro container and eurobox is complete with different solutions to meet every need: plastic boxes with closed and smooth or perforated bottom and sides are available, with handles and lid.