Pizza dough trays

Pizza dough trays are indispensable tools in pizzerias and bakeries, but not only. They are the ideal solutions for the correct maintenance of doughs and are extremely useful for their transport and storage. In fact, the structure of the boxes facilitates the arrangement in the refrigerators or in the designated areas and their movement, both manually and by means of complementary tools such as trolleys. The arrangement of the dough boxes is made even easier by the grooves that make them stackable, then reclosable with the relative lids, with or without flaps.

The material with which they are produced, food-grade polyethylene, does not absorb odors and guarantees resistance to temperatures between -20 ° C and + 90 ° C. Thanks to their thickness and lateral reinforcements, the pizza dough trays are long-lasting and resistant. However, these qualities do not compromise the lightness of the boxes, which remain easy to handle even when washing, which is also possible in the dishwasher.

The various sizes available make pizza dough trays extremely versatile tools, suitable for the various uses and types of dough they are intended to contain. Furthermore, all the models of boxes can be stacked and perfectly palletized on Euro pallets, guaranteeing the optimization of spaces.

All pizza dough trays are produced in compliance with the regulations in force in the field of materials for storage and contact with food substances, thus ensuring not to transmit harmful substances to the foods they contain.