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Plastic pallet box for industry 1200 x 1000 H 760 heavy 610 liters

Plastic pallet box for industry 1200 x 1000 H 760 heavy 610 liters

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The plastic pallet box 120 x 100 is the solution for industrial and food use with a 610 liter capacity. It is made of non-toxic HDPE high-density polyethylene certified for direct contact with food suitable for containing liquids even of an acidic or alkaline nature. Produced by UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified companies, the container is a product suitable for professional use, of quality and completely recyclable.

Given its resistance to low temperatures, the plastic pallet box is particularly suitable for cold storage. Furthermore, the structure of the double-walled corner and central columns and the conformation of the bottom with reinforcing ribs make it perfect for the transport and storage of bulk, packaged or liquid products. If you intend to use the container with water, it will be necessary to strengthen it with the crosspieces (the wheels, on the other hand, could make the structure more delicate, in this case), but it must be remembered that by not guaranteeing watertight integrity, this product cannot act as a tank.

The smooth walls of the plastic pallet box allow easy cleaning and guarantee a high level of hygiene as required in the food sector. Furthermore, the useful internal dimensions of the plastic container available with or without door are 1110x910x605 mm and it is possible to select some options including the 125 mm diameter nylon polyurethane wheels or the crosspieces, but also the lid, the label holder and the cap and faucet. Customizations such as branding are possible on request.

The unit capacity of the plastic pallet box is 510 kg and represents the maximum capacity of 1 single container. The structure makes it possible to stack up to 8 containers without a door or 6 with a door, in this case the maximum weight that can be contained in the entire stack is 4800 kg with a door or 3800 kg without a door (static capacity). Finally, it is important to consider that the values ​​in the technical data sheets are valid in optimal conditions, therefore at room temperature 23°C without exposure to sunlight.

Plastic pallet box for industry 1200 x 1000 H 760 heavy 610 liters

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Food use grey code COPG053
Food use grey code with door COPG053A
Outside dimensions with feet mm 1200x1000x760
Outside dimensions with runners mm 1200x1000x780
Outside dimensions with central wheel mm 1200x1000x815
Outside dimensions with corner wheel mm 1200x1000x915
Usable inside dimensions mm 1110x910x605
Capacity liters with/without door 610/610
Unit load capacity Kg with/without door* 510/510
Static load capacity Kg with/without door* 3800/4800
No. of stackable pieces with/without door* 6/8
Weight Kg with/without door 39/38,5
*Tests performed in laboratory at 23°C on models with 3 crosspieces.
Material for industrial use stored outdoors
 Click here to download the facsimile of the food compliance declaration.
Plastic pallet box for industry 1200 x 1000 H 760 heavy 610 liters
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