Platform truck 4 wheels

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The platform truck 4 wheels is the streamlined and reliable solution for simplifying the purchasing process in wholesale shops, from those specialising in catering products to gardens and brico shops, and for small warehouses that require practical and space-saving trolleys for moving materials. In addition, the trolley is a practical product, complete with a mesh wire top that allows it to be kept clean at all times with little effort, even in the event of spillage from the products resting on it.

The structure and top that make up the platform truck 4 wheels are galvanised and painted with clear varnish to guarantee durability and resistance: the trolley can support up to 250 kg. The wheels, 160 mm in diameter, are made of durable black rubber to guarantee smoothness and good noise dampening when the trolley is moved.

The small size of the handle (460 mm) placed 955 mm from the ground allows the platform truck to be moved easily even with one hand. In addition, the movement of the platform is also aided by the two fixed wheels that maintain the path, making the product ideal for frequent, low-fatigue use.

The structure of the platform truck 4 wheels is solid and resistant, thanks to the high quality materials with which it is manufactured. Finally, the expert and detail-oriented production guarantees product strength and durability.

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5pcs -   CAA1601  - 2 fixed and 2 swivel -   €168.70  - [20/30 days]

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Platform truck 4 wheels

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    Review for Platform truck 4 wheels

    Code CAA1601
    Width A mm 460
    Lenght B mm 800
    Lenght D mm -
    Height H mm 955
    Structure Galvanized with clear coating
    Platform Galvanized with clear coating
    Swivel rubber wheels 2 x D.160 mm
    Fixed rubber wheels 2 x D.160 mm
    Capacity kg 250
    Dimensions platform truck 4 wheels